In today's financial and business world, academic and professional excellence requires in depth knowledge, competence and business ethics as never before.

"The growth for education and training will be in continuing adult education. Online delivery is the trigger for this growth, but the demand for lifetime education stems from profound changes in society. We live in an economy where knowledge, not buildings and machinery, is the chief resource and where knowledge-workers make up the biggest part of the work force."  Peter Drucker - Forbes Magazine

MFP is a network of Practising Chartered & Certified Accountants, Financial/Management Consultants and Lecturers committed to providing quality personalised tuition, mentoring and consulting services in all aspects of Accountancy (IFRS, UK GAAP), Corporate Finance/Financial Management, Taxation and Business Management.

We believe passionately that personalised training, when taught and understood logically, is one of the most productive and rewarding methods of learning.

MFP also offers a complete, comprehensive and affordable accountancy, tax and advisory services to individuals, businesses and charities tailor-made to our clients' needs. 

Our team of experts know what it takes to excel in today's demanding academic and professional environment and are dedicated to powering your success. 


You will be assigned a specialist trainer who will devote the time, support and attention needed to significantly improve your UNDERSTANDING, CONFIDENCE and PERFORMANCE as well as obtain the best exam marks for tutees sitting exams.
In the course of the tuition, we provide appropriate professional grooming that will enable you to succeed as a finance or business practitioner.

We offer flexible hours to fit with your schedule. There are no registration fees or any other charges.

Please take the time to browse our site, get to know us and what we do. YOU CAN CALL US ON 0208 242 5566 FOR MORE INFORMATION OR BOOK A SPECIALIST TUTOR ONLINE 


Our accounting and tax services go far beyond the traditional compliance work.

We consider ways we can add value to your business by helping you to SMS: save money, make money & save time while you focus on growing your business.

We've got your back. CLICK HERE to find out more about how we can help you and/or your business. 

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