MFP is a forward-thinking accountancy and educational services firm, specialising in providing quality individual/small group tuition, mentoring and consulting services in  Accountancy(IFRS,UK GAAP), Corporate Finance/Financial Management, Taxation & Business Management for academic and business purposes.


MFP specialises in financial consulting, mentoring and training delivered in a logical manner and specifically designed to assist accountancy and finance professionals as well as business owners.

We focus on the issues that need to be addressed in order for our clients, their staff and organisation to achieve outstanding levels of performance and success.

Our process includes research and analysis of organisation needs, consultation with relevant parties, programme design and modification, practical execution etc

We facilitate understanding and applicability by using scenario case study and examples to reflect how each area of study (e.g. IFRS, Tax planning, Business models) works in the real world. 


As a learning centre and training provider, our specialist trainers focus on exam techniques, learning and retention skills.

All our specialist tutors are practitioners with industry and coaching experience, giving us a unique insight into the role with the knowledge of what works and what does not and the importance of professionalcoaching and mentoring.

We ensure that each student is well seasoned in his/her understanding and application of examinable topics and concepts.
Thus, our one-on-one training service involves teaching logically (not mechanically), the relevant examinable topics as per appropriate syllabus or course outline and past exam paper with worked examples as well as working through past exam papers with the student.

Our goal is to provide effective personalised tuition in a way that powers our pupils' academic and professional excellence.
We do not place any restriction on commencement date nor have a set number of session hours for each module. It is flexible and entirely up to the student (following the initial discussion with the respective specialist trainer), as we customise the tuition process to each student's learning pace & skills for maximum understanding and retention.
However, as our tuition process is very rigorous,we advise that'students undertake adequate tuition sessions to facilitate productive tutelage, essential learning outcomes and successful exam performance.

We take pride in our rigorous coaching process in a manner that develops essential learning outcomes and enhances our pupils'confidence and performance.
This process has ensured record exam success and ease in the practical application of financial/business principles in everyday work practice.

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