Topics covered but are not limited to the following:
                 -The history legal and computational principles and current issues re; personal tax, corporation tax;
                   capital gains tax; inheritance tax; and value added tax.
Income Tax- Personal income tax Computation for Unincorporated businesses
                 - Income form trade or vocation including badges of trade, basis of assessment, 
                   allowable & disallowable expenses, capital allowances and trading losses.
                 - Taxation of Partnership including basis period loss relief and notional losses
                 - Income from land and building, associated allowable and disallowable expenditure, loss relief etc
                 - Income and BIKs from employment
                 - Savings income, Charges on income
                 - Tax reliefs/credits/reducers
                 - NICs-Employed and Self Employed
                 -Stamp duty
                 - Pensions
                 - PAYE  and Self assessment System
Corporation Tax- Non Group Companies (Single Cos)
               -Scope, Period of accounts and Residency
               -Corporation tax computation for corporate businesses
               -Assessable Income and chargeable gains of corporate businesses including
                associated allowable and disallowable expenditure
               -Close Companies, Personal Service companies, loan relationships
               -Foreign companies trading in the UK.
               -Corporation tax loss reliefs
               -Self assessment including instalment regime, pay and filing dates, interest and penalties
Corporation Tax- Group Companies 
                      -Group relationships including associated Cos, consortium, capital gains group etc
                      -Group/Consortium reliefs
                      -Controlled Foreign Companies
                      -Transfer pricing
                      -Anti avoidance provisions
                      -Double tax reliefs
Economics of business taxation and financial planning
      -Taxation considerations Re: Business decision-making (including corporate investment and 
       management remuneration).
Capital Gains tax- Regime, Residency and Calculation Principles
                         - Chargeable and Exempts Assets, Disposals and Persons, 
                         - Part Disposals, Assignment of a short lease
                         - Shares & Securities
                         -Reorganisations, Mergers & Acquisitions 
                         -CGT Reliefs & Exemptions
Value Added Tax- Output and Input VAT
                         - Taxable and Exempt supplies and purchases
                         - Partial exemption, Vat on Cars & Fuel, Bad debt relief
                         - Registration, Deregistration, administration, VAT Records and Returns
                         - Quarterly accounting and other special schemes
                         -VAT penalties, surcharges & errors
                         -VAT for Group Companies
Inheritance Tax-Definition, Chargeable Circumstances, Persons, Assets & Property
                      - Chargeable Lifetime Transfers and Potentially Exempt Transfers
                      - Excluded Property, Exempt transfers
                      -Cumulation Principle, Gift with reservations
                      -IHT Computation including Exemptions and Reliefs on CLTs
                      -Death Estate
Tax Planning  
                     -Employment Vs Self-Employment
                     -Directors Vs Employees
                     -Dividend Vs Remuneration
                     -Choice of business medium, Business Incorporation and Disposal
                     -Remuneration Packages
Ethics of Taxation